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Copy of Boy With Piple
"Copy of Boy With Pipe"
Fun at Sarsons Beach
"Fun at Sarsons Beach"

Late Light At the Sarsons Beach
"Late Light At the Sarsons Beach"
The Bride
"The Bride"
September Scene Okanagan Series I
"September Scene (Okanagan Series I"

View At Sarsons Beach
"View At Sarsons Beach"
Waterfront Park
"Waterfront Park"
Winter Scene Of the VineYard
"Winter Scene Of the Vineyard"

Mission Creek #1 by Jing Jia
"Mission Creek #1"
The Branches by Jing Jia
"The Branches"
Mission Creek #2 by Jing Jia
"Mission Creek #2"

Noon by Jing Jia
"Noon "
The Branches #2 by Jing Jia
"The Branches #2"
My little dolly by Jing Jia
"My little dolly"
White Lotus by Jing Jia
"White Lotus"
The May Afternoon by Jing Jia
"May Afternoon"
Still Life by Jing Jia
"Still Life"
Harmony by Jing Jia
Jueese on The Cross by Jing Jia
"Jesus on The Cross"
Sound of May by Jing Jia
"Sound of May"
The Dreaming Ages by Jing Jia
"The Dreaming Ages"
Woods by Jing Jia
Young Girls Prayer by Jing Jia
"Young Girls Prayer"
The Path by Jing Jia
"The Path"
Okanagan Vinery by Jing Jia
"Okanagan Vinery"
Rebirth by Jing Jia
"Rebirth(Okanagan Mountain Fire memorial Series) "
Self-portrait in Red Mediaeval Dress by Jing Jia
"Self-portrait in Red Mediaeval Dress"

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